IIDMS – Content Writing

You just receive a message from your boss that you have to write an email to client about a new product that your company is going to launch next week. What if you don’t know how to write a professional email. This could be big blot in your career.

To avoid such bloopers in your career, opt for our content writing course right away that has been designed in such a way to make you a content writing expert. Whether you want to improve proficiency in day to day content writing or want to become a content writer, this course can help you get the best of both the worlds.

Our content writing certification course will help grasp the skills in writing and you will understand the difference between different writing styles.

Course Highlights

• This course will guide you, how to write less and get read more.
• What to communicate through words and what to communicate with simple implications and how.
• In this era of information all around, your target reader barely has time or patience so how do you reach out? A proficient content writer isn’t one who can fill a lot of pages but writes adequately that can encourage the reader to the desired outcome.
• In content writing less is more, subtle is profounder. You would learn how to get across your point quickly, how to deliver your punch lines, sell without selling.
• Those are just a few among other topics that this course shall cover. What’s more? For each module, there is going to be a lot of practice writing sessions to hone your writing skills. Write-to-kill.

It will give you a precise knowledge of the difference between writing content for different platforms and various marketing techniques such as SEO and SMM. The course will also help you learn the prevailing content writing skills required to examine the quality of the content to provide inputs to the content team as and when required.